What happened to my maturation?

I’m forever stuck being a teenager

How did I end up in this situation?

I saw my life being so different than this

I hate that I feel such degradation

The sins of my mother make me feel such shame

Twitchy, weird, intense is my manifestation

Which bits are me? Which are my illness?

My dad thinks I use manipulation

Like I’m some evil puppeteer

From my mum I’d like an explanation

Was it so hard to be my mum?

When will I find an occupation?

Gotta pay the bills, sick of eating soup

I’m not happy with my presentation

Always picking, always finding faults

I’m Libran, prone to prevarication

Make your mind up Leanne, it’s not that hard

My whole life feels like a fabrication

I’m a fraud, a phoney, a fake

I’d like an advocate, some representation

I can’t speak up for me, I’m not worth it

My life is no-win, when did I come to this realisation?

I keep kidding myself that I’ve still got time

My life is in ruins, complete devastation

Doesn’t get much worse, could maybe lose my house

I’ve isolated myself so much, utter segregation

Animals are my friends and family now

When my dad listened, I felt validation

One conversation where we actually connected

When owning up to flaws I feel humiliation

Telling one’s truth can be hard sometimes

I’d like to be someone else, a total re-creation

Yes, please Higher Power, can I have a do-over?