About Me

I recently turned 37, but look & act much younger. I get treated like a teenager by my family, so I’m stuck in limbo. I’m 5ft 4in and average build, with blondey/brown hair that’s growing out black dye.

I’ll include pics in my posts, so I’m sure you’ll get sick of my ugly ol mug, with the same cheesey expressions. Mostly my pics will be of my pets. I take thousands of them, as I think they’re the most beautiful creations on earth (of course).

I don’t want this blog to come across too negatively but I am going through a rough spell at the moment, so I apologise if it is a little sombre for awhile. My poetry is all pretty down too, so apologies again. Hopefully you’ll get my black humour. I might ask questions, so if anyone actually reads this, feel free to give me opinions&/or advice if you want to. I have no-one (personally) in my support network, so I rely on strangers. Looking forward to hearing from you soon xo btw, other than Choocha, my other nickname is Ming, so sometimes I refer to myself as Ming. Ciao.

I have added more to my about me section. To find it just type: about me #2 in the search bar and you should be able to find the supplementary section. I couldn’t work out how to put it in the right spot, sorry about that. Thanks.