First and only child to newly married teens

Unlucky from the get-go to get a combo of their genes

You make people laugh, you say your first words

Little did you realise it’d be the last time you were heard

You follow the rules, brush teeth, make the bed

Good little automaton, indoctrination’s getting in your head

You play all the sports and win heaps of awards

Unaware your achievements as an adult would also be scored

All the teachers like you, you get good grades

They didn’t know they were being made to be part of the charade

High school was easy, you got a good score

Not knowing then that uni was a much harder chore

Leave uni early, it wasn’t for you

Young and out in the big bad world, what are you to do?

With your zero experience try to get a job

Unemployment benefit’s not enough, have to earn a bob

Earning jackshit, not even minimum wage

How unfair you get treated this way because of your age

Your twenties are for partying, sewing your wild oats

Don’t remember much of that time, shoulda taken notes

Your thirties are for growing up and settling down

You weren’t good enough and he didn’t stick around

You aren’t where you planned, you thought you’d have kids

Big shock to the system, your life has really hit the skids

You start getting diagnosed with various conditions

Hang on, my life isn’t over yet, I still had ambitions

Next year’s a big one, reaching the big 4-0

What has life in store for me? I’d really like to know

Trying to remain positive, don’t wanna get disheartened

I hope life starts improving now and gets better than it started.