Hey there. After a long break I have returned. I stopped writing because I didn’t think anyone was reading my blog. I accidentally stumbled across it last night and saw quite a few comments, so I decided I should try to start writing again, and this time more regularly.

Just a ramble today, as I’m over-tired, under-nourished and kinda sick. I have had a tummy bug for a week now. I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I’ve just been self-medicating it with anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea meds. Yeah, I know I’m not very sensible or responsible.

So thanks to those of you who have taken the time to read my blog. Please feel free to ask me any questions or tell me to elaborate if I haven’t put something very well etc.

I have been up now for nearly 2 days. I couldn’t sleep yesterday during the day – which I’m supposed to do because I work nightshift. Then I went to work last night, looking after a client who is in hospital at the moment. I’m not a nurse. I’m a disability support worker. My client has intellectual, physical and severe behavioural issues.

He is in hospital for a gastro-intestinal blockage + he was diagnosed with a bad stomach infection called C-Diff (for short) which causes diarrhoea, sore stomach, loss of appetite etc.

Well, was there and it slipped out in conversation to the nurse that I had had diarrhoea but had stopped it with gastro-stop medication. He (the nurse) said “you shouldn’t be here”. He left the room and came back 5 minutes later to say he had spoken to his boss and I had to leave immediately, in case I had/have an infection, either C-Diff or something else. So I was there for less than 2 hours and my sms to my manager has not been replied to yet, so I’m assuming he is angry with me, for the inconvenience. So now I have to go to the doctor and poo in a cup to get tested. Really happy about that – not.

If anyone is reading this please tell me do you prefer reading about me, my poetry, or both? Some feedback on what I post would be appreciated.

A technical question: does anyone know how I can change the order in which my posts are displayed. I’d rather them start at the beginning of when I began the blog, instead of from most recent at the top. Also, how do I create a cover page, like an about me page, before all of the posts?

Speaking of tech issues, I have just spent numerous hours unsuccessfully trying to get chat going on here. When I clicked download of any chat plugin, ten trillion explorer pages would start opening. It happened quite a few times, no matter which chat I tried to download. Does anyone know what is happening with this? What am I doing wrong? So hopefully I will get it worked out and maybe we can get a live cat going. That’d be cool. I prefer to chat with real, live people.

Ok, signing off for now. catch me soon xo