The tears that ruin my makeup taste like pain

Your backhanded compliments sound like disdain

The fears that fracture my life seem so real

Living, for me, has lost it’s appeal

The knots in my neck feel like punching fists

Reality for me sucks as it presently exists

These words I write seem so nothingy and hollow

Sometimes too much drivel for even to me to swallow

The hole in my heart is twisted and dark

And through my soul has ripped the teeth of a shark

Of my external appearance I was so proud

Looking at myself in the mirror no longer allowed

The head pulsating from over analysis

Despite it, in this thinking I do persist

The betrayals that hit my spirit like darts

They now cruely tear my being apart

The neuroses scream loudly in my head

I wish for the time when I hear only sweet angels instead

My thoughts, dreams and goals are all asunder

This black angry war is winning, pulling me under.