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Black Wave (Jan 2012)

The tears that ruin my makeup taste like pain

Your backhanded compliments sound like disdain

The fears that fracture my life seem so real

Living, for me, has lost it’s appeal

The knots in my neck feel like punching fists

Reality for me sucks as it presently exists

These words I write seem so nothingy and hollow

Sometimes too much drivel for even to me to swallow

The hole in my heart is twisted and dark

And through my soul has ripped the teeth of a shark

Of my external appearance I was so proud

Looking at myself in the mirror no longer allowed

The head pulsating from over analysis

Despite it, in this thinking I do persist

The betrayals that hit my spirit like darts

They now cruely tear my being apart

The neuroses scream loudly in my head

I wish for the time when I hear only sweet angels instead

My thoughts, dreams and goals are all asunder

This black angry war is winning, pulling me under.

Spirit Crushed (Jun 2012)

The heart beats a lonely ballad

The sould howls a passionate cry

The head throbs with anger

The response is a woeful sigh

The wants and desires are dwindling

The confidence has been defeated

The young girl who had so much potential

The positive attitude so depleted

The hopes and dreams were scoffed at

The hunger slowly abating

The resulting outcome is a sad one

The woman, crushed, is sick of waiting.

I Ask Of You (Jun 2012)

Pluck me out when I feel like I’m drowning in a vat of burning oil

Pick me up when I’ve fallen on barbed wire spikes

Wake me when I dream of puppies being tortured

Retrieve me when I’m lost in obtrusive thoughts

Guard me when others spit poison darts at me

Stroke my hair when peaceful sleep alludes me

Catch me when I fall off the face of the earth

Explain to me when my jumbled mind confuses me

Preach to me when I’m losing my spirituality

Tell me all will be ok, when everything’s going wrong

Inspire me when all around me I see failure and wretchedness

Uplift me when I feel can’t sink any lower

Be understanding when I’ve made bad decisions

Forgive me when I’m being selfish

Be my guide when I’ve picked the wrong path

Cheer me on when I’m disenchanted

Mentor me when I need your wisdom

This is what I ask of you