The bird’s sweet churping said to me ” I am happy, I am free”

“I can flit and fly around and around”

 “I might drift over there towards that sound”.

At first when his mum pushed him out of the nest

He found it rather hard to digest

But when his wings worked and he hovered

He realised he wasn’t all that bothered

He could join any group that he met

And in in time, his mum he did forget

Having fun and then finding a mate

Food and babies were plentiful, life was great

One summery day up in the skies

He crossed paths with a face he didn’t recognise

It was his mother, all sick and forlorn

But he hadn’t seen her since he wass born

You see, he didn’t really need his mum

He’d had a full life, his lover and all of his chums

If only she’d kept him in the nest a little longer

Right now their relationship might’ve been stronger

Instead she chose a sad and solitary death

 And so all by herself she gulped her very last breath.