Does anyone else feel like a blank android

With all of their once loved passions destroyed

My feelings were once at the top; they spewed

Now my self-regulation is totally screwed

My life now filled with analysis and contemplation

I feel no love, no joy, no elation

I have a financial need to be employed

But with myself jobless I’m paranoid

With no self-control, no solid foundation

My brain has gone into involuntary liquidation

If someone would give me a go I’d feel redemption

Instead of the unexplained rejection and condescension

Getting employment would give me a lift

I’m bursting at the seems to do a regular shift

My optimism and confidence I’m trying to sustain

And I try so hard not to moan or to complain

I’m not treating this like a long vacation

I take it very seriously, I realise the implication

Now that I’ve told you, now that you’ve heard

If you hear of a job, please do spread the word.