The empty echoes of her childhood

The dreams and wishes of a young girl yearning

The harsh reality of getting not much good

Contributed to her early learning

By her mother many carrots were dangled

The promise of a special gift

The grey web of lies was twisted and tangled

Mournfully setting her hopes adrift

She didn’t know which was worse; the physical?

Her mother’s beatings were only brief

Or was it the torture which was critical?

And seemed to cause much stronger grief

Her father, cunningly, always an angle

He should’ve been there as a relief

Instead with his disdain he would mangle

Her unquestioning thoughts and beliefs

Her doubts and worries were hard to contain

She was left feeling dread and apprehension

As a result her grades and facade were hard to maintain

Her real self and feelings in a state of suspension

Whatever their meaning, whatever their intent

They had screwed up this girl’s youth

Now that all of her emotions had been spent

She could go on in the world practising only the truth.