Night cloaks me in his silky darkness

He takes away the scary shadows from the day

The bright light and glare of daytime can be heartless

Taking my safety and my hiding spots away

Evening brings with him a comforting hint of calm

Covers up the guilt and shame felt by day

When morning comes; with it blaring alarm

Mister Night please come back so my fears will allay

Night-time helps me to settle and rest

The glittery stars, my happy little friends

Daytime’s all “rah rah rah” and puts my nerves to the test

Sunlight is over-rated, it’s not all that it pretends

When the sky is black my eyes have fallen closed

Daytime sees loud brash people with prying eyes

Under daylight I feel pushed, naked and exposed

While beneath my protective night blanket, I can lie.



This is a quicky I wrote while pfaffing around with the pooda.

                                               Internet Connections Suck


Sitting, waiting for my computer to log-in

I’m impatiently waiting to be blogging

My creative juices are all flowing

This tedious delay is mindlessly slowing

I have things I want to say; to discuss

I’ve already been in the chatroom, chatted with Gus

I’ve written a new poem I wanted to share

I want some input from all of you readers who care

I’m very impatient, I don’t like to wait

It’s nearly at the top of my list of 10 things I hate

What did I do before internet, blogs, chatrooms?

Maybe some housework, maybe vacuum

Shows me how much I depend on it when it’s down

Tried refreshing and restarting, now complete shutdown

Now my creative fires have been extinguished

My wishes to write online have been relinquished.