Hey there. While my poetry¬†might not be getting¬†any better, my mind thinks it’s a poetry-writing machine. If only I could write music, I’d be prolific. Anyhoo, I’d planned to share my latest poem, then I got stuck in the chatrooms blah blah blah. And then I lost my internet connection. I’m not much of a computer person but I tried everything I could think of to no avail.

While I waited for connection to comeback, I started jotting down some ideas & the beginnings of about 3 poems started, but I actually finished one complete one, which I might show you now.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’ve been trying out different styles. Feel free to let me know what you think. I’m a harsh critic of myself so it’s helpful to get an outsider’s perspective of what I say/write.

Oh, I forgot, I wrote 2 while stuffing around with my pooda. So if I don’t get sick of typing I might share my latest 3 – if you’re lucky hmmm nyuck nyuck. They’ll be my next posts, so read on xo love you xo