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My Family (Nov 2011)

Hey everyone. Thanks for reading my blog. All of my poetry has been rather maudlin thus far, so sorry people. Thought I’d try writing about something good to see the difference. Here’s the result.

Princess thinks she’s an only child

If my lap is taken, she goes wild

Skeet is my sensitive old soul

To get doggie chocs is his only goal

Tito likes to playfight and dominate

In the end he’s just everyone’s mate

Mornay is a tactful diplomat

You could never find a friendlier cat

Terri is the boss and likes to destroy

He also likes to eat and play with a toy

Choocha seems to always be frightened

She’s like a meerkat, her senses hightened

Pablo makes mess to get my attention

Then he finds himself in solitary detention

Ari is sweet, clumsy and gentle

His helpless nature makes me feel parental

Kenzie is little, quiet and polite

When the dogs sniff at her, it gives her a fright

This is just a brief description of my beloved nine

I love and adore them, not just because they’re mine

I play with and feed them, keep them alive

Without their love of me, I would not survive. 

One Way Ticket (Aug 2011)

Why must I wake each day and take a breath?

When all I can see is my impending death

I’ve tried so hard to have a good life

But all I seem to do is end up in strife

My premature death would surely cause woe

But for god’s sake people, just let me go

On familial relationships I’ve put a strain

All I’m trying to do is ease the pain

My whole life I’ve been one big fake

I know now that was a mistake

I know my passing would cause untold grief

But suicide being a sin is just your belief.