I worry about my pets

Am I being a bad mum?

When they look at me funny

Am I being paranoid, am I being dumb?

I worry about them dying

I do try to keep them safe

I wish I never had to leave them

I hate it when I have to go away

I worry about having no money

It’s embarassing to have to steal

But if I don’t shoplift something

Me n the pets wouldn’t have a meal

I worry about being lonely

I don’t want to end up alone

But I’m scared you’ll reject me

So I don’t pick up the phone

I worry about all of the relationships I’ve lost

Why did I throw them all away?

When I avoid you, no, everything’s not all ok

I worry about getting old and ugly

I see my looks and health fading everyday

What will be of my life, where and when did it go astray?