Hey all. It’s 2.50pm & I’m still in my pj’s, stinky & makeup smudged face – attractive – I don’t think so. The pic is Terri , my bunny sleeping entwined in Tito, my whippet’s arms & legs. Too cute.

I think I took a few too many sleeping tabs too late in the night, making it hard to get up + that groggy feeling. So nice to be able to knock myslef out though. And not so many nightmares when I use sleeper’s.

I think I might start a question & answer section on here. I’m like Macaulay Culkin asking a million & one questions about everything. And all of my PC friends seem to be wise & experienced, and familiar with the things I want to talk about; so who better to ask?

For example, my doc just changed me diagnosis from BP2 to BP1. I want to know if this is common & doew this mean my condition is worsening & will continue worsening? Any answers would be appreciated it. Don’t have to PM me, you can just put it here in the comments section.

This is Pablo, my smart pale blue Budgie. I’m trying to teach him to speak, unsuccessfully so far. I think I’m saying too many things. Any advice? I have to clip his door shut because he knows how to open them. And he loves my dogs & cats. The cats sleep next to him sometimes.

Anyway, signing off for now. Catchya xox